TechJet, Inc. Air Systems offers aerial photography and videography services with commercial drones, with a focus on heavy industrial inspections and broadcast production. Our drones can have a variety of cameras attached to them, offering numerous services. From digital cinematic 4K UltraHD video, 16.1 megapixel photos in JPEG or RAW format, thermal/infra-red imaging, and even newer cameras that can use multispectral imaging to detect methane gases, vegetation growth, etc., there are numerous options for a wide array of commercial and industrial applications.

Our craft can live stream 1080p real-time digital video to your source. This is perfect for television live feeds and even live feeds for special events where an audience views the aerial video feed on another screen or TV source.

The cameras can be coupled with our powerful software that can map a job site property with up-to-date High Definition 3D maps of the area of interest. This is a powerful tool for project management during construction and property assessment after a natural disaster. Municipalities and insurance companies can work faster, more efficiently, and receive better data, thus saving time and money.

A single camera can be used for multiple applications. For example, Infra-red can be used to detect residential, commercial, and industrial heating and cooling loss, the integrity and condition of an antenna's surface, power line health, solar panel quality, and search & rescue operations (both for recovery emergency service or for persons-of-interest searches.) 4K UltraHD cameras can range from cinematic movie and commercial production to real-estate and property advertisement. 

If you have a specific application, lets us know! The abilities and capabilities of the equipment is constantly evolving. TechJet, Inc. Air Systems stays at the forefront to integrate these new technologies into our operation. Contact us below; if you have specific task that needs to be complete, we will find the right tool and get the job done for you.

Videos & Photos


Industrial facilities, industrial work sites, bridges, pipe line, transmission stations, antennas, and on and on. There are many visual, thermal, multispectral, 3D mapping, and even gaseous-leak inspections that can be done with TechJet, Inc. drones. Inspections that were unsafe, remote, or too hard to efficiently reach can be competed with drones. If you need a low cost yet high-value solution to your inspection needs, consider the potential of drones for your needs. Click here or the button below for samples of our industrial work.


There are many benefits being realized in the precision agriculture industry. Big definition aerial perspectives can detect weak areas of growth in crops, views from otherwise remote areas to scout, and an up-to-date pictures of what the fields look like today. Other spectral imaging techniques can detect heat stresses on crops, moisture content, and gas emissions. In the near future, precision agriculture will include crop spraying as an economical way to increase yields. The fragile agriculture market has the potential to gain maximum revenue from the soil by ensuring the best treatment is determined thanks to the aid provided by drones. We understand that a there are only a few dozen chances to cultivate a field, and getting the highest potential yield from each season is paramount. All this, at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods, or without low resolution data from cloud-obscured outdated satellite photos. Our vineyard work is a great example in this sector.


There is no better way to make an industry like car dealerships shine and stand out than with the use of Ultra High Definition photography and videography on TV commercials, websites, and other promotional material. There are impressive and eye catching new ways to showcase large inventory on the car lot. New perspectives never seen before can be had with drones. This is not some cheap "wavy inflatable arm guy" gimmick. This is high end production material. No need for static boom trucks, stationary panning shots, and low perceptive angels. Even fresh new angles unattainable before due to boom truck or camera stand limitations can now be seen. Fly over the inventory, descend across the car lot, and really make your product look as good as it should to your customers.


Do you need that ultimate competitive edge in the cutthroat sector of real estate? Then you must consider what drones can do for you. 4K resolution UltraHD cinematic video and 16.1 megapixel photos give you the best material to showcase a property. Instead of misleading, boring, and incomplete thumbnail photos on a MLS listing, use studio-quality production media to show a full flyby and flyover of the structure/house and property. This perspective cannot be achieved any other way. Stationary photos work well, but when augmented with low-altitude aerial video it can tell an even bigger story. Clients can fell immersed as if there are there looking at the property in person. They will also be able to see the simple things such as roof condition, proximity to neighbors, tree lines and obstacles, and the continual flowing view of the house, instead of trying to piecemeal grainy ground-based photos from something as good as a cell phone camera. Go one step further with a 3D interactive map of the propriety and allow the customer to spin, zoom, and rotate the area themselves for an ultimate viewing experience. 


Our drones and cameras have the ability to shoot 4K UltraHD video from our Lumix GH4, Zenmuse X5, or even a Red or Arri camera at 6K hollywood studio quality (with prior arrangements.) We can shoot 24p, 30p, and even slo-motion up to 96fps in 1080p HD. The camera can be setup up in NTSC, PAL, and Cinematic formats to give you the best "look" of the video that you are looking for. If you have professional photographer or videographer, they are more than welcome to adjust the camera settings that are needed for your project.

Our craft can live stream 1080p real-time digital video to your source. This is perfect for television live feeds and even live feeds for special events where an audience views the aerial video feed on another screen or TV source.


We can take still photos with our drones that can be used in applications ranging from industrial inspections to website or commercial production. In essence, if you need a higher angle shot from a hard to reach viewpoint, then call in the drones. Our Lumix GH4 is the best option for your project. Shooting up to 16.1 megapixels in RAW or JPEG format, the quality will be superior to other methods. A live video feed to our ground station will ensure the angle is set exactly as you need it, and onsite review of the photos after the flight is also provided.